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Hi , I'm Sasha the seagull, we are now flying over a splendid 
little community called Angel's Cove. 

Angel's Cove is a rural community on the Cape Shore of 
Newfoundland. Despite its small population of about fifty 
people, there are some family owned businesses here. 
While driving into Angel's Cove, as with all the places along 
our shore, there is a breathtaking view of the Atlantic Ocean. 
It is close to great hunting grounds for various species, and a 
brook runs through the middle of the community. Angel's 
Cove Brook runs toward the ocean, and it leads 
to Angel's Cove Falls, a popular swimming place among all of 
the locals, as it is sheltered in with trees of different species, 
which are abundant throughout the community. Also, for an 
added bonus the falls are easily accessible, for a path leads 
directly from the main road to the falls. Simple little things 
like this make Angel's Cove one of the loveliest places you 
will ever see.