Semantic Mapping Technique
                        Example 1:  Using Whales: The Gentle Giants (1989) by
                        Joyce Milton, Toronto: Random House.

                     The instructional sequence given in Masters, Mori, & Mori (1993)
                      will be elaborated upon through the use of the above resource:
                      (This can be done as an individual or group activity.)

                      1.  Select a word central to the topic.
                                For this book, the central word of the topic will be

                      2.  Display the target word.
                                Display the word WHALE.

                      3.  Invite the student to generate as many words as possible that
                           relate to the target word.
                                 As students brainstorm, record the words on a chart
                                 or on the chalkboard.
                      4.  Have the students write the generated words in categories.
                                 After all the brainstorming has taken place, discuss how
                                  the information could be placed into categories.  For
                                  instance, each different whale could have its own group
                                  and add information to each group afterwards.

                      5.  Have the student label categories.
                                  Label and add extra information to each category.

                      6.  From this list, construct a map.

                      7.  Lead the class in a discussion that focuses on identifying
                           meanings and uses of words, clarifying ideas, highlighting
                           major conclusions, identifying key elements, expanding ideas,
                           and summarizing information. Various ideas and elements of
                           the story may need elaboration.  This could be done during
                           the brainstorming/classifying activity or afterwards.  A
                           summarizing activity could be completed whereby the student
                           writes or creates a project about the story.